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Next Steps:


1. Come to an event
Say hello to us at a demonstration, come to a discussion group, or just catch up with a couple of members over a coffee. Anarchist Affinity organises regular discussion groups on current issues. Details of upcoming events are availible by email (see above!), on this website, and on our Facebook group.

Come along, have a chat, and ask some questions.

2. Become a supporter
If you are in broad agreement with our political principles and would like to join us in our political work on a more regular basis, why not become a supporter?

Supporters are welcome to participate in internal meetings, receive a copy of our publication, and join us in our political work.

Becoming a supporter is a great way to find out if we’re the kind of organisation you would like to be part of.

3. Join Collective Action
Membership of Collective Action is open to committed revolutionary anarchists who are in agreement with our statement of principles and who actively work to advance our aims.

Any person interested in joining is encouraged to explore the group as a supporter first.