Position Statements

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Against Authority and the State

1. Scope A position statement outlining Anarchist Affinity’s understanding on the state and related issues. This position statement draws significantly from a handful of articles by Mikhail Bakunin. We agree with Bakunin to the extent…

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Anti-Fascist Political Work

Position statement adopted 6 Sep 2015, modified 4 October 2015. 1. Purpose and Scope 1.1. This position statement is intended to sketch some initial points of agreement in order to facilitate Anarchist Affinity’s continued involvement…

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Anarkismo Editorial Statement

 1.  Anarchist Affinity endorses the Anarkismo editorial statement.  The editorial statement is consistent with our politics, strategy and stated principles. 2. Anarchist Affinity endorses and supports the concrete goals of the Anarkismo project. Appendix –…

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No Platform for Transphobia

Transphobia is hate speech. We do not use the phrase ‘hate speech’ lightly. When we describe something as ‘hate speech’ we are talking about speech qualitatively different from mere bigotry, prejudice or ignorance. Hate speech…