The right to march MUST be defended

Over the past four days we have watched with horror, disgust and anger as Papua New Guinean police, immigration and navy, under the effective direction of the Australian government, have beaten and brutalized refugees detained…

What happened in Melbourne yesterday?

Yesterday’s Manus solidarity rally in Melbourne did not “turn violent”, it was attacked first by a known fascist and then by the police. The racist violence of the Australian state, directed at Indigenous peoples, Muslims,…

Why you should boycott Australia Day

By JacquiThe National Australia Day Council describes Australia Day as “a day to reflect on what we have achieved and what we can be proud of in our great nation,” and a “day for us to…

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Where To Next for the Anarchist Movement in Sydney?

An Irish anarchist and migrant worker in Sydney, Sean M. reflects on the recent Sydney anarchist bookfair, the anarchist movement more broadly and the relevance of the platform in terms of building a popular movement….