Deaths in Custody – Thirty years and still no justice

WARNING: This post contains names and images of deceased persons, as well as videos depicting violence and racism by the police.

Eddie Murray (1960 – 1981), NOT FORGOTTEN.

John Patt (1966 – 1983), NOT FORGOTTEN.

Charlie Michaels (1953 – 1984), NOT FORGOTTEN.

Robert Walker (1959 – 1984), NOT FORGOTTEN.

Have you ever heard screams in the middle of
the night,
Or the sobbings of a stir-crazy prisoner,
Echo over and over again in the darkness –
Threatening to draw you into its madness?

Have you ever rolled up into a human ball
And prayed for sleep to come?
Have you ever laid awake for hours
Waiting for morning to mark yet another day of
being alone?

If you’ve ever experienced even one of these,
Then bow your head and thank God.
For it’s a strange thing indeed –
This rehabilitation system!

Robert Walker

Tony King (1953 – 1985), NOT FORGOTTEN.

Lloyd Boney (1959 – 1987), NOT FORGOTTEN.

David Gundy (1989), NOT FORGOTTEN.

Daniel Yock (1975 – 1993), NOT FORGOTTEN.

Colleen Richman (1953 -1994), NOT FORGOTTEN.

TJ Hickey (1987 – 2004), NOT FORGOTTEN.

Mulrunji Doomadgee (1968 – 2004), NOT FORGOTTEN.

Mr Ward (1968 – 2008), NOT FORGOTTEN.

Mr Briscoe (1984 – 2012), NOT FORGOTTEN.

This is list is far far far far from exhaustive.